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Just what I needed

Play an online game where I’m coordinating with corp members all over the globe. Z-Times is used by all so this helps greatly. Just where in need the info to. One suggestion, since we usally know what year it is offer an option for a date that is just month and day.

Very good, but there is no option in the apps preferences to have it open at login

It is a nice simple app, with intuitive choices for setting up what format you want it to use to show the time and date, if you so choose. It does what it says it does. I would have given it a five star rating, but I soon realized that it does not open at login by default which is what I want it to do. After opening the app I realized that it does not have an option to indicate that you want it to open at login in its own preferences. I looked for it in the dock, but it was not there. So neither of those ways that I was familiar with for getting apps to open at login were available. When I came back to the App Store to try to contact the developer to get support in getting it to open at login, I found that Safari could not find the server for either the “UTC Bar Support” link or the "Michael Hasak Web Site” link, the links given on the apps App Store page for the app. It would have lost two stars but I continued my troubleshooting and found that I could add it to my login items by going to the “Login Items” tab of my User Account in the “Users & Groups” window of System Preferences and adding it there. It lost one star for the inconvenience of having to do that, for not being designed to have a simple preference option to choose whether or not you want it to open at login, and for having non-functional links for support.

Simple & Solid

I need Zulu time in working with flight plans. I’ve tried several other clocks, and I’ve been disappointed. This one does exactly what I need, no more, no less. And I didn’t have to fiddle with it to figure it out. If you need Zulu/UTC, this is the app.

Nice and simple, but needs more format options.

I love that it’s just a simple clock in my menu bar, which I can add “UTC” suffix to. This is s very clean, simple clock to use for referencing UTC time. The main thing I don’t like is that I cannot set it to 12-hour time format. Beyond that, I would like to see formatting options that let me match it perfectly to the Mac system clock: <dayofweek> <Abbreviated Month> <day> <hour>:<minute> <AM/PM> UTC

Simple and Perfect

works great! Its simple to use and configure. Works perfectly for quickly seeing what date and time it is in UTC for any development or systems/network related tasks that are using UTC for logs or date time operations.

Great App!

This app is helpful when flight planning. A useful tool at all times. No problems with the UTC bar.

Incredibly useful and solid utility

I’ve been using this utility while working through flight plans (it is so nice to have zulu time visible at all times). The developer is very responsive to feature requests, and I’ve never had any issues with UTC Bar. I would recommend this app without hesitation to anyone who needs quick access to UTC time. Thanks, Mike!

a most useful app for space operations

In my work commanding and monitoring space instruments on several earth-orbiting environmental satellites, UTC time is critical when scheduling activities. UTC is the one constant for worldwide applications. This app is perfect for when one needs to know the current UTC. It could be made more useful to give an option to display the date, (yyyy-mm-dd), or the DOY, (Day Of Year).

Exactly as advertised

Simple app which does exactly what it says. Additionally, the creator is very responsive to pushing out updates!

Does exactly what it’s supposed to do

Works perfectly.

How to open at login

To get this app to open at log in add it to your dock, right click and select options -> open at log in. Then you can remove it from the dock and it will lauch automatically next time you log in.

Awesome. Simple. Easy.

An Awesome app, simple installation, and no problems or bugs whatsoever. It'd be nice if it had an automatic option to start the app upon login though.

Timezone life saver!

I've been working on some projects across different timezones and having the UTC time up in the menubar has saved so much stress already. Simple and non-obtrusive. Thanks!

Doesn't Quite Match MenuBar Clock

Glad of a UTC clock always in plain sight alongside my current system time. Description currently states "same behavior as built-in menubar clock". However: * On my install (Lion 10.7.4), it looks like anti-aliasing is not enabled on the displayed time's digits. * There's no prefpane, no adjustable options available via the dropdown. * Displays time as HH:MM:SS. Personally, I'd like an option to switch to HH:MM so that there's less 'movement' in the MenuBar. Also note that if you follow the AppStore link for support, the website currently has no means of requesting support.

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